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Info for sellers & landowners

In this section we will answer the most common questions about our business, pricing principles among many other things. We hope you will find what you are looking for. If not you can always contact us.

What is Johkai?

Johkai is a selling system and a community targeted for fishing and hunting. At Johkai you can sell licenses, services, products, events and time based items such as accommodation and renting equipment. For our users Johkai makes managing licenses, reporting and buying items more efficient and easy.

Johkai name comes from Sami language from the word Johka which means river. I comes from Internet. So this is how Johkai name was born.

Behind Johkai is a group of people whose background comes from design and coding applications for mobile and internet. The main reason for starting to develop our own software is the lack of decent software for fishing and hunting. The main applications in the license business has seen no development in the past 10 years. We are here to change this.

We are a group of salmon fishing hunters whose goal is to produce better services for fishing and hunting. We have 20 years of experience in software development and of course hunting and fishing. We are only focusing on these two sectors.

In our ideal world Johkai will change the future of license selling for customers and landowners. In the end this means that everyone in the business has to start developing their services. This is beneficial for customers and landowners.

Selling licenses at Johkai?

We are offering our clients a perfect solution for selling licenses. All our clients receive their own license shop, which can have normal shop products and licenses. You will have a perfect backend solution for managing all the details you want. The admin area is accessible and can be managed via mobile or desktop. If the management and administration of your sales sound scary you can get the full service from us. We will get you started.

Customising Johkai?

We think we offer the best range of different options and functions for sellers. However it is possible to take off any of the functions you do not wan’t to have or even add some. For example some license areas prefer to sell their licenses without validation. So yes customising the service is always possible.

We do realise that in real life we need to do some adjustments to get your license sales in action. Small tweaks are free and we do not charge for customisations. However developing new features specially for one license area has to be agreed separately.

Starting license sales?

Starting license sales at Johkai is easy and we are here to help you get started. Immediately after you have made the decision to start selling services at Johkai we will set up your shop. We will get your licenses in the system and fix all the details to get you going. After the start you are ready to go.

Starting fees?

We have no starting fees. You can start your license sales without any costs.

Price of the service?

Our fee is 10% of your total sales. The 10% fee is charged at the end of the every month. We only charge for months you have had sales.

Your own products and events?

In additition to the licenses in your shop you can have what ever products for sale to your customers. Including virtual and physical products. For example if you want to sell your area specific T-shirts or fly collections it is possible. Or maybe you would like to sell disinfection of gear in advance? An example of virtual product could be a digital map of your fishing area.

You can even organise events and have your own events calendar. An example this could be a course in fly fishing.

Your old data?

You might have some old data from previous years like for example catch data. If you are moving to us from another system and you have some data available we will do everything to get your data into our system. If you have some old data available we are pretty sure that we can even create something new with it. Just deliver it to us and we will examine the data.

Would you like to get 10% of our sales?

We are introducing new methods for you to get money from our sales. if you want you can have some of our virtual products for sale at your shop and receive 10% of our sales. So we will be giving 10% for you from our sales. For example if you decide to take our membership for sale in your shop you will boost your own sales even more. You can investigate the product for example in the Borselva shop.

Would you like to get donations?

Now it is easy to collect donations from your fans around the world. When you start your shop you will receive all the tools for collecting donations from your clients. Your clients can pick the donation from your shop to the shopping basket and pay for the donation in the same checkout. You will then have a donation page at your shop which will include all the donators names in one table.

Taxes and sales reports?

Our system include very sophisticated tools for managing taxes and all sales reports. You will receive very detailed reports which you can customise in any way you like.

What countries can join Johkai?

Our system is able to handle license areas from all around the world. However at the moment we are only accepting license areas from Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Iceland. Your shop can be translated individually. The translation for not supported languages has to be discussed and agreed with us. At the moment we are supporting English, Finnish and Norwegian. Contact us if you need some other languages.

All license areas are investigated before approved in our system. We only approve official license area managers or land owners.

What currencies are possible?

In short we are able to handle most currencies. The only limitations might be given by your choice of checkout methods.

What we offer for license areas?

Here are some solutions that we can offer for license areas:

  • Added revenue from new selling options (Donations, Licenses, products, Events, Services, Accommodation…)
  • Open your sales progressively
  • Digital licenses
  • Printed licenses
  • Member cards
  • Member only sales
  • Web sales
  • Local sales
  • Fully operational virtual cash register integrated with your web sales
  • Area specific license templates with logos and user pictures
  • Member management
  • Protected license sales
  • Licenses ready to go or not valid until stamped
  • License attendee registration
  • Advanced license sales and options
  • Advanced reporting
  • Advanced catch statistics
  • Language templates for licenses
  • Efficient fraud protection system through Qr-codes and security codes
  • More options for license holders
  • Johkai GiveBack program for our partners
  • Area specific payment methods
  • And many more features

These are just examples what we are offering. There is plenty of more things that we are very exited about. Contact us and we will tell you more.

What are we offering for users?

We are making very exciting improvements for our users. We will be offering more efficient and flexible license shopping. Here are some features that are available for our users or are under development.

  • Fast checkout as a registered user  in web shop and local sales.
  • User images on licenses.
  • License history at your account.
  • Instant reporting from your license.
  • Digital licenses (where available)
  • Personal catch statistics (Johkai+ membership)
  • +Many more

Currently we are working on many other features as well. If you have any ideas on your mind please do not hesitate to contact us.

The right to change prices!

We try to make everything as transparent as we can. Therefore we have to say that we keep the right to change our pricing if we face unexpected rise of expenses. The new prices can only come effect after the agreement has expired. In practise this would mean upcoming seasons. Therefore license areas would have the opportunity to change a system if our prices are not competitive.

Just keep in mind that our goal is to offer the best license selling system with a reasonable and competitive price.

How can i contact you?

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have anything on your mind. We will try to give you answers as soon as possible if needed. Our contact info can be found here.

If you want to contact seller. The seller information can be found on all product pages.

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