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Questions & answers

As we try to make everything easy as possible you might have some questions for us. Here we have collected the most frequently asked questions and answers. We hope you find what you are looking for. If not you can always contact us.

Can i use digital licenses?

Definitely yes. For example PDF licenses can be digitally validated at the local sales point. After the validation you will receive your registered licenses to your email and to your Johkai account. Please note that you are responsible to be able to show your validated licenses on request. So make sure you have downloaded your licenses to local storage (or have access to network) and you have enough battery on your mobile.

License registration?

Some areas require that fishing or hunting licenses are registered before it can be used. For example at Børselva all licenses must be registered before use. The license registration at Børselva is made at the local sales point between 16-18 o’clock. The registration can be only made at this exact time during season. If you miss registration your licenses are not valid and can not be used. You can read more about license registration from here.

Børselva fishing license registration

Gamle Coop:
Open (daily / during season):  16:00-18:00

Gps coordinates:
70 ° 19 ‘ 03.5 “N 25 ° 34 ‘ 00,8” E

Why licenses need to be registered?

The license areas can have several reasons why they want to register license. Here are the main reasons for license areas for requiring registration before use.

The most important is that the license area managers have to know who is fishing in which area. This information is send to fishing supervisor on daily basis. Without registration the area managers do not have valid information. This is also a security question in many remote fishing locations.

1. There are fishers that occupy fishing places for hours or days. By forcing the fishers to move this problem is mainly solved.

2. By forcing fishers to move it will also lead to less trash and human waste on fishing places.

3. Some of the fishers might be old or very young and can be afraid of group of fishers occupying areas. So registration is done also to protect the rights of the less capable persons and local people.

4. In conjunction with the registration all documents are checked. So license areas will verify that the customer has paid for correct type of fishing license and have all the needed documents.

5. Also the disinfection is carried out at the first registration. So it is also used to protect the salmon stocks in the areas.

Every autumn large amounts of money and time is used to clean these very sensitive areas. After all we all go these areas because of the nature and its clean and friendly atmosphere. So these rules are here to protect us all and safeguarding everybody’s rights. The rules are there until the area managers can see that these rules are not necessary.

So by following good manners, taking other fishers into consideration and cleaning up trashes you will do your work to ensure that these rules could be history at some day. Thank you for doing your part!

Can i reserve licenses?

License reservation is not possible. After payment confirmation is clear and done and the order has been processed you will get your licenses.

Processing time of a order

We are processing all orders before products are delivered to customers. If you are using credit card for payments you should receive your licenses in your email and in My account in approximately 2 hours. In most cases you will receive licenses immediately after the payment has been made.  Processing time with direct bank payments can take 1-3 business days. Please wait for the processing time before contacting us.

I did not receive my licenses as email?

For a start check your junk mail. If for some reasons you did not receive your licenses in your email after the order is complete notification you can find your licenses always from your account. Log in and go to your account to section Orders&Licenses. After the order has been completed you should have a digital and pdf version of your license in your account and in your account email.

If you have any trouble finding your licenses you can always contact our customer service.

Can i use my account for buying licenses for another person?

All accounts are private and can only be used for one person. All persons must create personal account if they want to buy something at Licenses and their owners are verified from security code and Qr-code.

Can i use same email address as someone else?

We are using email addresses for many different things. This is why all customers must have a unique email address that is not registered with us before.


All user information is stored in our secure servers and are not given or sold to any third party.  Credit card information is not stored at our service. You can read our general terms of use in here.

Languages & translation?

Our main language is English. We try to make our translations as best as we can but be aware that there might be some errors on it. We try to make translation of all our pages and sections but there is some areas that are not translated due to technical limitations. We are currently working for making our translations better.


At the moment we do not have any physical products so all our items are delivered to given email address and in your account.  Licenses are delivered to given email address and your own Johkai account when the order has been processed. Processing order with direct bank payments may take from 1-3 business days. Please be patient. If you have not received your tickets in email or your account contact us immediately: and give your order number to us. When using credit card for payments you should receive your licenses within two hours.

Where are my licenses?

When you buy a license from Johkai powered license area or from our web sales you should always receive your licenses to your email. This means that you have to provide a valid email address when making an account and order.

In addition to email you can find all your licenses from your account if you have logged in. Here is a link for logged in customers: Orders & Licenses.

How to print my licenses?

Printing your licenses should be fairly easy and there are couple if ways to achieve this. We do not recommend printing licenses from your email. The best results are achieved when using the license PDF file received in your email or in your Johkai account. The email tickets might not display the images or have some other errors on it depending on your email settings and client. Please verify that your licenses have the images in your print.

Your printed license should look like the sample below. Some license types will have the manual catch report section in the license when printed.

If you experience problems when printing licenses from your email you can print your license from your account. Here is a link for logged in customers: Orders & Licenses.

How about security?

All traffic in our site is protected with secure connections. We do not store any credit card information on our site.

What can i sell at johkai?

Simple answer for this would be that you can sell what ever you like.  However we are a site specializing on fishing and hunting. For that reason acceptable items and services would be license area specific items such as:

  • Licenses
  • Accomodation
  • Services (for example guiding services)
  • Events (for example a course in salmon fishing)
  • Products (for example fly collection)
  • Renting services (for example fishing gear)

However we have to point out that Johkai will examine all items sold at our website and can be only sold after items are approved by us.

What we offer for license areas?

Here are some solutions that we can offer for license areas:

  • Added revenue from new selling options (Donations, Licenses, products, Events, Services, Accommodation…)
  • Web sales
  • Local sales
  • Area specific license templates with logos and user pictures
  • Member management (manage your member’s addresses, payments…)
  • Protected license sales (if needed)
  • Licenses ready to go or not valid until stamped
  • License attendee registration
  • Advanced license sales and options (for example move licenses to another zone or date)
  • Advanced reporting (better sales reports and catch reporting)
  • Advanced catch statistics (mini widgets, charts, advanced filtering…)
  • Language templates for licenses (Have licenses in language you need)
  • Efficient fraud protection system through Qr-codes and security codes
  • More options for license holders. (Read more from next section)
  • Johkai GiveBack program for our partners
  • And many more features

These are just examples what we are offering. There is plenty of more things that we are very exited about. Contact us and we will tell you more.

What are we offering for users?

We are making very exciting improvements for our users. We will be offering more efficient and flexible license shopping. Here are some features that are available for our users or are under development.

  • Fast checkout as a registered user  in web shop and local sales.
  • User images on licenses.
  • License history at your account.
  • Instant reporting from your license.
  • Digital licenses (where available)
  • Personal catch statistics (Johkai+ membership)
  • +Many more

Currently we are working on many other features as well. If you have any ideas on your mind please do not hesitate to contact us.

What is Johkai?

Johkai is a selling system and a community targeted for fishing and hunting. At Johkai you can sell licenses, services, products, events and time based items such as accommodation and renting equipment. For our users Johkai makes managing licenses, reporting and buying items more efficient and easy.

I want to return an item and get refund?

Licenses are not refundable as they are personal. You can think it as like concert tickets which are non refundable items as well. However some license areas may give refund for licenses in some occasions and you have to be contacting the organizer to be asking for refund. Organizer contact info can be found on every license page. You can read more from our terms concerning fishing and hunting licenses in here.

All other items are refundable within 14 days and you have to be contacting us to get refund in case you are not satisfied or whatever the reason might be. Our contact info can be found here.

How can i contact you?

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have anything on your mind. We will try to give you answers as soon as possible if needed. Our contact info can be found here.

If you want to contact seller. The seller information can be found on all product pages.

What are accepted payment methods?

At the moment we are using Stripe payment environment which enables us major credit card payment options such as: Visa, Master Card and American Express.

Where does the license price come from?

There is much debate about the prices of fishing and hunting licenses.  The price in generally consists of the following factors:

  • Payments for the local administration approximately 25%
  • Payments for the credit card company approximately 5%
  • Value added taxes  approximately 25%
  • Payments for the sales system developers approximately 10%
  • Salaries 25%
  • Fixed costs such as cleaning the license area 10%
  • Approximately 5% for development of the area

So in fact almost 95% of all income goes to fixed costs and leave no money or give no value for the natural stocks we are using.

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